Lover nervous about dating

If you’re one of those people who draws a complete blank when they’re under any sort of pressure (which might happen if your dates turns up looking oh-so-cute), have a few of the following Q’s saved in the back of your mind for when you get stuck.

Just don’t be surprised if your date has a few questions of their own waiting to make an appearance.

How do you overcome your shyness to get to the place where you feel comfortable together?

It’s been weeks, maybe months, since you last saw each other. While I was standing in the airport and waiting for him to come through the arrivals gate, time would slow down.

In the arrivals lounge of the airport, I used to keep one eye on the gate and one eye on all the stories unfolding around me.

Have you ever noticed how people who are picking someone up at the airport are usually happy and excited? Little kids squeal with excitement when they see their parents approaching. During those periods of waiting for Mike to step through the gate I’d feel suspended between two different existences–the life I lived alone and the life we lived together.

Recently, I was at a party, and in between handfuls of tortilla chips, I found myself in a conversation about the tendency to stay in a relationship too long – even when you know that the person you’re dating isn’t right for you. Breaking up with people isn’t fun – even if the relationship is well past its expiration date.

“Think of happiness on a scale of one to 10,” a friend once told me.

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