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Busy as he is, he recently agreed to sit down with our Mo Rocca for some Questions-and-Answers: He's a Grammy-nominated recording artist, a stand-up comedian, a voice actor . If it seems like Seth Mac Farlane suffers from attention deficit disorder, it's a spectacularly high functioning form of it.He's been successful in every single one of his many endeavors. " "Last time I took a vacation was probably about two years ago," he laughed.He says he was influenced by Fox's other animation juggernaut, "The Simpsons." "That's the first sitcom that I can really remember where pop culture references were made on a daily basis. And yet "Family Guy" is the most popular scripted show with men 18-24, a demographic coveted by advertisers.And when you or I go through our day, I mean, how many times do we reference brand names? But Mac Farlane says that his brand of humor isn't just for the boys.

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He really understands the, uh, the nature of the, uh —ESQ: Stupid hick?

A companionable state of arrested development is threatened when John meets Lori (played by Mila Kunis, who does one of the voices on “Family Guy”), and she wants the bear out of the picture.

The movie hits all the usual Mac Farlane marks, with a fusillade of jokes about white trash, Jews, anal sex, and handicapped people.

"What makes me happy is just keeping my brain challenged and stimulated and on its toes," he said. When asked to describe it, he replied, "I don't remember." Mac Farlane's been rewarded for his hard work. When Rocca asked why the baby's head is shaped as it is, Max Farlane said, "Stewie's head is shaped the way the voice sounded like the character should look.

"When you're singing, you seem pretty happy," said Rocca. In 2009 he became history's highest-paid TV producer with a 0 million, three-year deal for the three series he created for Fox's primetime lineup: "American Dad," "The Cleveland Show," and the smash hit "Family Guy." Mac Farlane described it as "an animated program about a fictional Rhode Island family that uses the animation medium to satirize everything from pop culture to politics, and is really out to make you laugh with sensibilities high and low." Mac Farlane voices three of the main characters - dopey, undependable dad Peter Griffin; Brian, the Griffins' martini-loving, talking dog; and Stewie, the diabolical British-accented baby who's bent on killing his mother. When I developed that character, the voice came first." "With your head shaped like that, how was childbirth for your mother?

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