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However, sometimes it’s not easily because there could be many files and folders. It will work for files with relative and absolute path.

Or they may be on a location that you can recreate. And this trick will not change the original path definition.

Please forgive me for being lazy, I don’t even give the files appropriate name and just use Auto CAD default file name when saving. For example: if Project has sub-folder arch, struct, and mep, you have to add the subfolders too.

You can try to move those files to match the location, or try to redefine each file’s path. Now open your file, all the reference files path will be resolved!

However if you have created beams with R2012 before applying the hotfix, these beams will continue to have a static G_L value even after applying the hotfix.

To correct the G_L value in R2012 frame generator assemblies that were created prior to applying the hotfix, you will have to do a one time clean-up operation of each assembly.

If you open the file references palette, you will see warning that the files are not found. If your project has several folders, then add them all.

You have applied your modification to the material appearance in the editor.

You have saved the changes in the current active Material Library from menu Manage Save.

In the Update Styles dialog, select the active Material Library where you have saved your changes, from the drop-down menu and select the box Update Styles in all Child Documents.

The G_L parameter in frame generator beams in R2012 remains static after modifying a beam.

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