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He felt no attachment to Columbia or to the first jobs he landed after graduation. He was conducting an intense debate with himself over his past, pres­ent, and future, an internal struggle that he shared with only a few close friends, including his girlfriends, Alex Mc Near and Genevieve Cook, who kept a lasting rec­ord, one in letters, the other in her journal.But it would be a misreading to say that he was tamping down his ambitions during that period. It is exponentially easier to look back at a life than to live it forward.By 1940 the name became United Jewish Social Services.This reflected the fact that the Social Security Act relieved private agencies of having to provide financial assistance to families with long term financial need.In retrospect it becomes apparent that New York was crucial to Obama.If he had not quite found his place yet, he was learning in which directions not to go and how to avoid turns that would lead him off the path and into traps from which it would be hard to escape.

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The organization also absorbed the German Jewish Refugee Committee and aided in resettlement by the late 1930s.Pointing at a black-and-white photograph, I demanded to know who was “that man in the picture”.I remember being taken swiftly out of the room and then being told quietly that he was my grandfather David, who had died in Poland long before I was born.As a 16-year-old he caught one of the last boats from Ostend to Britain.The family had decided, with German soldiers closing in, that Jewish men were most at risk, so his mother and sister were left behind.

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