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Shortly after, World Championship Wrestling contracted her, where she continued since 1999 until 2001.

In 2001, she started performing on World Wrestling Federation (WWF) TV as part of The Invasion theme. She started acting courses and was presented to an agent who helped her gain a few occupations.

In the 1990s, WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation) introduced the term Diva to refer to its female performers.

Here are the 25 all time hottest women in wrestling. AJ Lee Not only is AJ Lee one of the most beautiful women the WWE has ever seen, she also one of the most talented female wrestlers they’ve had, as she’s a three time champion and was PWI’s Woman of the Year in 20. Nonetheless, she’s one of the hottest female personalities the company has ever seen. Rosa Mendes Fans of Rosa Mendes were thrilled to see her make a return at Survivor Series this year as Fandango’s new dance partner after some personal issues kept her away from the ring for a few months.

From there she competed in several other Olympics, winning the gold in 2014, and became the world-record holder in the 100-meter breaststroke. Rather than stumble into modeling after finding herself in the spotlight as an athlete, as many do, Amanda has pursued modeling since she was young and had her first shoot at 16.

“I remember having so much fun getting my hair and makeup professionally done for the first time,” Amanda said.

“Through renewed faith in herself; the love of her family; and finally the birth of her baby boy, Blaise, Amanda has transformed her life,” reads the introduction from Simon & Schuster.

She gives credit for her 180-degree change to now-husband Sasha Brown, a photographer with whom she also has a daughter, Doone.

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